U2 IC Replacement

This involves replacing the U2 IC chip on the board of Apple devices. This chip is responsible for the USB functions and when faulty you will have issues with charging your device, connecting to a computer and it can cause your device to drain battery quickly.

MacBook Logic Board Repairs

This service is to repair the logic board (motherboard) of any Mac laptop by using micro soldering techniques and analysis to replace specific damaged components. We can also repair damaged connectors on iMac logic boards. Common Issues resolved by this service: No power, No green light on charger, Liquid damage, Burnt LVDS connector, No display on internal screen, No Audio, Damaged connectors, Not charging battery, 2010 15" MacBook Pro with no video - this is a bad frame buffer capacitor (not GPU) & iMacs with damaged / pulled off connectors such as the common screen cable.

Water Damage Data Recovery

If there is too much damage to get the phone fully working and it becomes not economical to repair there is the option of just recovering the data. This involves getting the device to a point where it at least turns on and allows certain functions to be working so that settings and data can then be removed (i.e irreplaceable photos). They will then be transferred to a USB Stick and returned to you along with the phone. If we are unable to fulfil this, the NO FIX, NO FEE policy will apply.


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